Power Couple Promotes Natural Wellness from Coast to Coast

We’re excited to introduce Patrick Dancy, an impressive entrepreneur and former Hollywood actor, and Nicole Rizzuto, a highly regarded fashion influencer – as the newest Bōdee Ambassadors. How do they balance their personal lives, their successful businesses, stay healthy and look good while doing it? Turns out, an unwavering commitment to their values and to each other keeps them right on track. Plus, a little Bōdee CBD (specifically, tinctures) help along the way.

Two Paths Converge

Power Couple Promotes Natural Wellness from Coast to Coast

It is impossible to ignore the combined ambitions and pure talent these two bring to the table. After earning a bachelor’s degree in fashion merchandising management from the prestigious Fashion Institute of Technology in Manhattan, Nicole worked as VP of Operations for NYC-based cashmere brand Kokun. There, she made serious strides in the fashion industry. After leaving this role, she became a well-known fashion influencer with more than 30,000 followers and multiple luxury lifestyle brand partnerships. Nicole also promotes body positivity and leading a healthy life, both emotionally and physically. Her warmth and authenticity – both on and offline – alongside her keen business sense sets Nicole apart in the crowd.

You may have recognized Patrick from his roles in the classic 90s sitcoms Guys Next Door, Family Matters or Married with Children. That’s right – Patrick spent the earlier years of his career as a rising star in Hollywood. After leaving showbiz, Patrick pursued a highly successful career in the financial services sector and later founded shoe brand LGND Footwear. LGND is known for men’s footwear at the nexus of fashion, fitness and comfort. With the tagline “Leave Your Mark,” the brand encourages community-building, self-confidence and reaching out to those in need. It’s clear Patrick takes the “Leave Your Mark” ethos to heart – he’s passionate about what he does and leads by example.

A Shared Wellness Journey to Discover Bōdee Organics

Behind the scenes, Patrick and Nicole devote time to each other and their health. It helps them remain grounded – even with packed schedules and frequent travel between Los Angeles, New York and Florida. The two enjoy working out at the gym together (you’ll find them there almost every day), constantly motivating each other to be the healthiest and happiest versions of themselves.

Power Couple Promotes Natural Wellness from Coast to Coast

After experiencing some setbacks in their fitness journeys – Patrick hurt his shoulder, while Nicole has iliotibial band syndrome – the two decided to explore natural remedies to combat inflammation and find balance. After sifting through a bunch of products that didn’t work, they found Bōdee Organics CBD. They were impressed by the level of thought and research that went into creating each product. Nicole is excited to educate her followers on what CBD is and how it can enhance wellness routines. “I want people to understand the difference between THC and CBD,” Nicole says. “You’re not going to experience any psychedelic effects or a head change, but CBD can help with so many issues and can truly be a gamechanger.”

CBD helped Patrick and Nicole enhance their wellness routines, pursue their shared dreams and deepen their relationship. They’re especially drawn to the Bōdee CBD tinctures for their quick results and convenience. This power couple motivate and inspire their loyal following to live active, vibrant and fulfilling lives – and are surely bombarded with brands looking to partner. But, as former Hollywood actor and entrepreneur and in-demand influencer, Patrick and Nicole can be a little choosier. Instead of agreeing to any partnership that comes along, they work with companies that align with their values and promote products they can incorporate into their routines.

“We chose Bōdee Organics because we know who is creating the products and how they’re creating them,” Patrick says. “It’s not just a bunch of filler with a label slapped on the bottle. This is something I know I can use in my everyday life and will help me inside and out.”

This transparency and dedication to quality make Patrick and Nicole make ideal Bōdee Organics ambassadors. Moreover, they’re now able to share their amazing experience with even more people curious about CBD’s benefits. We’re thrilled to have them on the team.

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