5 Ways to Incorporate CBD into Your Morning Yoga Routine

For so long, cannabis has been synonymous with a singular psychotropic compound, THC. However, as legalization progresses, a new compound abundant in cannabis’ plant matrix has taken some of the spotlight:  cannabidiol, or CBD.

What is CBD?

CBD is a non-intoxicant, meaning it won’t get you “high.” It does have a variety of health benefits though, including anti-inflammatory, analgesic, anxiolytic and anti-epileptic potential. The health and wellness industries have also adopted CBD as a supplement for daily exercise, as it helps to soothe sore muscles, expedite muscle repair and reduce inflammation. CBD can also help to create a calm, anxiety-free state of mind, allowing one to drop into their body during exercise and release themselves of any cerebral worries. For these reasons, CBD is particularly helpful for anyone who practices yoga or meditation. Because CBD is legal and accessible nationwide (as long as it is hemp-derived), you can easily incorporate CBD into your morning yoga routine. Try these five techniques to deepen your next yoga practice:

1. CBD Tea

Sitting with a cup of CBD infused tea before beginning your morning yoga practice can be a great way to take a moment and set intentions for your practice and your day. Sit in a quiet, comfy spot, and meditate on what you want to accomplish with your practice while sipping on some CBD tea. This is also a great way to incorporate other medicinal plants into your CBD regimen. CBD infused tea often includes other yummy herbs and flowers, such as lemon balm, peppermint and hibiscus. Choose herbal formulas that will best help you achieve the experience you desire.

2. CBD Tincture

If you don’t have CBD infused tea, you can always make your own CBD infused beverage by dropping a small amount of CBD tincture into your favorite morning beverage or meal. A tincture is a liquid product made by extracting plant material into oil, alcohol or glycerin. You can consume a CBD-infused tincture in numerous ways. Put a few drops into your morning coffee, yogurt, cereal or smoothie, or just put a few drops under your tongue for fast-acting results. Consume Bōdee Organic’s Awaken™ formula to jumpstart your yoga practice and ensure lovely, long-lasting CBD benefits throughout your routine. After your practice, consume Bōdee’s Revive™ blend to reduce inflammation and support muscle recovery.

3. Juice Raw Cannabis Leaves

If you are fortunate enough to have access to organically grown, CBD-rich cannabis or hemp fan leaves, you can make your own cannabis juice. Because you are consuming the cannabis raw, you will actually consume the acidic form of CBD – cannabidiolic acid, or CBDA. CBDA has many medicinal properties and can be very helpful for relieving pain and inflammation. Juice other fruits and veggies along with your raw cannabis leaves to get a morning boost of vitamins, minerals and medicinal compounds that will help you power through your yoga practice.

4. CBD Vape Pen

If you want to consume CBD throughout your yoga practice, a vape pen is a great option. A vape pen allows you to vaporize cannabis oil – in this case CBD-dominant cannabis oil. You can inhale measured doses of CBD without hurting your lungs, making it perfect for a continuous exercise routine. It will keep your body relaxed, your mind aware.

5. CBD Topical

CBD is great to consume before and during your yoga practice, but it can also be very helpful after a workout to help relieve muscle tension and soreness. CBD infused topicals, such as lotions, oils, soaking salts and soaps can be applied both pre and post workout to help lubricate the muscles and soothe them from any potential soreness that may arise later. Bōdee’s body balms are especially helpful for muscle repair and relaxation, as it contains CBD as well as arnica to maximize healing potential. This will allow you to continue your practice daily, helping prevent injury or fatigue from muscle tension. Learn more about Bōdee’s CBD supplements, and how they can benefit your daily fitness regimen.