True Synergy Pack

The bōdee True Synergy Pack, a 30 day CBD support system, is the first of its kind. Complete with our Awaken, Thrive, and Revive formulas, the system provides a daily recommended dosage of organic full-spectrum CBD, is reinforced with synergistic vitamins and minerals, and is designed to help support the body’s Endocannabinoid system.

Awaken Bundle

Awaken by bōdee is an ideal way to increase energy and enhance focus as you start your morning. Awaken improves stamina, supports a healthy metabolism, and provides a boost of caffeine to your wellness routine.

Thrive Bundle

Thrive by bōdee provides your mind and body with the balance they need for daily synergy. Thrive reduces inflammation, enhances recovery, and promotes pain relief throughout your day.

Revive Bundle

Revive by bōdee supports relaxation, deep sleep muscle recovery, and reduces inflammation in your body while you sleep. Including revive drops and capsules in your nighttime routine will help you fall asleep faster and sleep better.

CBD Drops Bundle

The CBD Drops bundle includes a 30 day supply of the Awaken, Thrive and Revive CBD Drops.

CBD Capsules Bundle

The CBD Capsules bundle includes a 30 day supply of the Awaken and Revive CBD Capsules.