About Bōdee Organics

Aptly named after the iconic bodhi tree – known for its connection to enlightenment – Bōdee Organics is a veteran-owned CBD manufacturer in Phoenix, Arizona. With a steadfast commitment to quality, safety and purity, we have set out to create superior CBD products that people everywhere can trust.

Our Business Services

We don’t keep our secrets to ourselves. We want to help other businesses achieve the same manufacturing quality standards and distribution. From our state-of-the-art facility in Phoenix, Arizona, we can help businesses manufacture virtually any CBD product they can dream up – supplements, edibles, pet products, body products and more. Not only can we white label or wholesale Bōdee products – we can create custom formulations specific to your unique goals.

Our Leaders

Bōdee Organics was founded by established industry leaders and entrepreneurs who are wholly committed to producing the highest quality supplements.

Robert Francis

Armed with nearly 20 years of experience in the credit card and business retail industries, Rob serves as CEO of Bōdee Organics. He is responsible for steering the company’s overall strategic vision, developing the infrastructure and forging key partnerships.

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Chris Motts

With broad experience in food and beverage operations, business development and management, Chris Motts serves as Chief Operations Officer at Bōdee Organics.

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Michael Douglass

With extensive experience in sales, marketing and distribution in the tech sector, Michael serves as the Chief Product Officer. He oversees the company’s sales efforts, identifies strategic partnerships that support innovation and drives efforts to expand distribution channels.

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Gibert Ochoa

As Chief Business Development Officer, Gilbert Ochoa is instrumental in building strong business relationships, improving efficiencies and positioning Bōdee Organics as one of the leading CBD businesses within the burgeoning industry.

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Hugo Diaz
Chief Sales Officer

Hugo Diaz is a valued Bōdee Organics partner, building marketing and sales programs for the Arizona retail market.

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Richard Blume
VP of Formulations, Bōdee Organics

As VP of Formulations with Bōdee Organics, Richard leads collaborative efforts to craft top-shelf methylsufonylmethane (MSM) and CBD-infused products.

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Martin Galindo
Facility Manager

A detail- and solutions-oriented professional, Martin Galindo serves as Bōdee Organics’ Facility Manager. Martin plays an important role in our manufacturing services, ensuring we continually exceed our customers’ and partners’ expectations for wholesale, white-labeled or custom-created products.

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Stella Francis
Director of Operations

With ample experience leading teams across numerous industries, Stella Francis brings a strategic mindset, leadership and clear vision to Bōdee Organics. As Director of Operations, Stella is known for her demonstrated ability to find solutions for increasing business productivity and profitability.

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Josh Berk
Director of Sales

As a self-described “relationship broker,” Josh Berk is a natural fit for the Director of Sales role at Bōdee Organics. He establishes long-term manufacturing and retail partnerships to push the company – and the entire CBD industry…

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Rachel Warner
Director of Strategic Sourcing

Rachel Warner serves as Bōdee Organics’ Director of Strategic Sourcing. An invaluable partner, Rachel is instrumental in helping source the best and purest CBD for our range of wellness products.

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Megan Roberts
Herbalist and Formulator

Megan Roberts is Bōdee Organics’ resident herbalist and formulator, playing a critical role in crafting and expanding our line of CBD wellness products.

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Advisory Board

Andrejs Bunkse
President and Founder, Endurance Strategies Group LLC
Of Counsel, Nimbus Legal (Arizona)
Attorney and Founder Rain Legal (California)

An attorney and entrepreneur with multiple decades of experience guiding companies in heavily regulated industries, Andrejs acts as chief legal officer, senior advisor and board member for a variety of enterprises and investors, with an emphasis on the cannabis industry and high tech. Since 2013, his focus has been on supporting transactions, licensing support, business development and providing overall guidance in the complex and evolving cannabis industry.

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Melissa Diaz, CPA
CFO & Co-founder, Rebel Rock Accounting

Rebel Rock CFO Melissa Diaz is a skilled and solution-oriented leader. A trusted business partner with a proven record of improving company profitability and efficiency, Melissa is an indispensable asset to any team.

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Daniel Richard Erickson
Member/Manager, Danrick Builders

Dan Erickson is a Member/Manager of Danrick Builders, focusing on financial and legal matters with expertise in angel funding, investment strategies and mergers and acquisitions.

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Andrea Aker
President & CEO, Aker Ink

Andrea Aker is an expert communicator and business strategist with a reputation for tenacity, perseverance and honesty. She’s willing to take on tough situations and thrives on new challenges – all traits that helped transform Aker Ink® into one of Arizona’s leading boutique PR and marketing firms.

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Rizaldy Villegas
Interventional Cardiologist

Dr. Villegas, MD, is an interventional cardiology specialist with more than 23 years' experience in the medical field.

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