Daniel Erickson

Daniel Richard Erickson
Member/Manager, Danrick Builders

Dan Erickson is a Member/Manager of Danrick Builders, focusing on financial and legal matters with expertise in angel funding, investment strategies and mergers and acquisitions.

Erickson built his career by advancing ideas into opportunities and turning the end results into success stories. He began his professional life as an 18-year-old professor of computer engineering at North Dakota State University. Then he became director of web development at AdverWorld, followed by director of OEM sales for His next step was a position in business development at Cendant where he played a leading role in merger and acquisition transactions while also serving as an interim CEO, focusing on turning around underperforming businesses within the corporation. Erickson has also held executive-leadership positions at and and served on the board of directors at the Marcil Group, a private, self-advised real estate operating company.

As a co-owner of Valadata, a payment-processing company, Erickson led a business enterprise that was sold for $10 million after just two years. Upon the sale of Valadata, he founded Element Payment Services and built a company that was processing an estimated $4 billion in annual transaction volume for merchant-members when it was sold. Serving as EPS’s president, CEO and chairman, Erickson was directly responsible for the fundraising success, technology development and the legal, HR and operations matters that positioned the company for its $180-million sale to Vantiv.

Outside the executive suite, Erickson is an active member and competitor in a variety of motorsports series, including the Sports Car Club of America (SCCA) and NASA Pro Auto Sports Association. Erickson is a graduate of North Dakota State University.