Josh Berk

Josh Berk
Director of Sales

As a self-described “relationship broker,” Josh Berk is a natural fit for the Director of Sales role at Bōdee Organics. He establishes long-term manufacturing and retail partnerships to push the company – and the entire CBD industry – toward a safe and fruitful future for businesses and customers alike.

With a diverse background and interests to match, two qualities have led Josh to his many entrepreneurial endeavors and collaborations: his ability to connect with others and a willingness to put those relationships first. Such relationships have helped him establish businesses and make a mark in the CBD industry. He’s drawn to sales for the excitement, the challenge and most of all, the process of earning and retaining trust.

With experience both in the B2C and B2B spaces, Josh sees huge potential in the CBD industry to improve countless people’s lives. In an industry with questionable quality and rampant misinformation, Josh was attracted to Bōdee Organics for the company’s unwavering commitment to the purest, safest CBD products. He’s an invaluable educational resource when it comes to anything CBD related. In his position at Bōdee Organics, Josh is responsible for supporting the sales team, identifying and pursuing new industry partnerships and offering deep knowledge of CBD and its benefits.

Prior to joining the Bōdee Organics team, Josh helped run a successful interior design firm and set up numerous restaurant concepts, establishing a reputation as a skilled and ambitious entrepreneur. Further, his foray into the CBD industry gives him the edge and insight needed to be successful in an increasingly crowded market.

Josh received a Bachelor of Arts and Science degree, with a specialization in interior design, from Northern Arizona University.