Bodee Products


Bōdee develops organic, full-spectrum CBD products that are enhanced with the highest quality supplemental ingredients to achieve full body, all-day health and wellness support.

We are committed to the highest levels of quality, triple testing all CBD to ensure purity, safety and accurate dosing levels. Our sourcing and development processes far exceed industry standards, placing our products in a class of their own.


Morning & Fitness

Loved by general health, wellness and fitness enthusiasts alike, the Awaken line is designed to increase energy, focus and stamina in the morning or ahead of a workout. Available in drop or capsule form, Awaken can give you an extra boost with B vitamins, matcha and other ingredients that support performance and a healthy lifestyle.


All-Day Synergy & Pain Relief

Our most versatile line, Thrive products can be used morning, day or night to achieve all-day mind and body balance while helping to relieve muscle aches and pains due to inflammation. Fast-acting drops combine CBD with key vitamins, turmeric and copaiba to reduce inflammation and promote daily synergy. The Thrive balm is a pain-relieving topical that penetrates deep into muscle tissue.


Relaxation & Recovery

The Revive line supports relaxation and muscle recovery while reducing inflammation. Available in drop or capsule form, Revive combines CBD with key vitamins, valerian root, lavender and chamomile to promote relaxation, accelerate muscle repair and enhance protein synthesis.

Wellness Bundles

Comprehensive & Targeted Needs

All Bōdee products are designed to stand alone or operate synergistically, meaning the benefits are enhanced when utilized together. We offer a variety of bundled packages to help you meet health and wellness goals and save money.

True Synergy Pack

30-Day CBD Support System

The ultimate CBD solutions includes all Awaken, Thrive and Revive formulas. It’s designed to support the body’s entire endocannabinoid system, delivering long-term and flexible health/wellness benefits for the mind and body.